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Residential Design Consultation

This package is perfect for anyone who wants to refresh their space without committing to a full redesign or remodel. We will come to your home for 2 to 3 hours and discuss the needs and challenges of your existing space. We will brainstorm ideas and provide suggestions, and even work with your current furnishings and accessories to minimize the need for new purchases. After the meeting, I will provide you with our notes and recommendations to guide you through your DIY design process. Please note that this package does not include follow-up communication, but our services can be extended at our hourly rate if needed. 

Typical timeline: 

1-2 days once consult occurs

Interior designers pittsburg

Paint Colour Scheme

Getting support when selecting paint colors and finishes for your space can be really helpful. That's where we come in! We will visit your space to assess the architectural style, the finishes, the level of natural and artificial light, as well as your personal needs, wishes, and ideas. Based on this assessment, we will create a cohesive and inspired color palette for you, complete with specified brands, colors, and finishes. You can also choose an additional service that includes purchasing and applying paint samples to your walls to ensure perfect paint selections. The pricing is determined by the size and number of rooms.

Typical timeline:

2-4 weeks

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Exteriors Paint Scheme

Are you planning to paint the exterior of your home but finding it hard to visualize the results? Or do you have a specific color scheme in mind but would like to explore multiple options before finalizing your decision? We can provide you with a visual rendering of your new exterior paint colors to help you make an informed decision with confidence. Our service can act as an insurance policy for your expensive paint job!

Typical timeline:

1-2 weeks

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We understand that some rooms can be difficult to design. That's why we promise not to experiment with your furniture by moving it back and forth. Instead, we will visit your space, gather information about your needs and preferences, assess the current architectural elements and style, and take accurate measurements. Then, we will create a few space planning and furniture layout options and present them to you. Once you have selected your preferred layout, we will determine what existing furnishings and new elements are required for the design. Finally, we will source appropriately sized and styled furnishings and finishes to complete your design.

Typical timeline:

Space Planning Documentation: 2-4 weeks once consultation occurs

Furniture/Finish Sourcing: 3-4 weeks once the layout is selected

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Artwork Consultation

Art plays a significant role in any space as it tells the story of the owner. It adds nuances and layers that cannot be achieved through interior finishes alone. As an expert, I offer guidance and advice based on my vast knowledge of art history and various artistic styles. This allows me to curate collections that reflect your tastes and tell your story. Whenever possible, I aim to work with and support local artists because having a personal connection with the artist makes the pieces more meaningful and treasured in your life.

Typical timeline:

In-home review: 2-3 hours

Sourcing: 1-2 months 

Procurement and Install: 3-6 months

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Full-Service Design

Our full-service package is an exceptionally luxurious and stress-free design package, which is well-suited for those who are unable or uninterested in managing the many details involved in the remodel and design process. This option works best for individuals who are willing to trust the design process and our team as design professionals. We meticulously follow each stage of our design process to develop, manage, and deliver a design that is personalized, functional, and beautiful. If you're interested in learning more about our design process, please visit our Process page.

Typical timeline:

6 months to 1 year, an estimate based on scope of work.